Most Frequently Seen DUI Defenses


Nobody wants a blemished driving record,especially if they feel strongly about their innocence. DUI is a major offense that can lead to several unwanted consequences. If you have been wrongly accused,then fight it off in court with your Terre Haute . You can use any of the most frequently seen DUI defenses depending on what seems applicable to your situation. Here are a few examples:

Chain of Custody Issues

Motorists will be tested several times in different ways to confirm the presence of alcohol in their bloodstream. Lawyers may question the chain of custody of the samples to seek for a dismissal. If there are any irregularities,then the purported results cannot be trusted. Samples may have been swapped,contaminated,or tampered,after all.

Faulty Breathalyzer

The breath analyzer used to test BAC on the spot may have been used in an incorrect manner. Motorists should recall every detail that they can to give their lawyer a chance to look for openings for the defense. They may request for the maintenance logs of the tools to check if they are properly calibrated and working as intended,according to DUI penalties in Texas .

Emergency Situation

The defense may also argue that driving that instance was an absolute necessity. For example,there might be an emergency that has put one or several people in danger. The only way to get to safety is to drive the car for themselves and for the others. They may further note that no other violation was committed during the sequence of events.


A motorist may defend himself in court saying that he did not knowing ingest alcohol or he was forcibly made to drink. Coercion may also take the form of intimidation by the police. The suspect may have been forced to admit guilt or threatened with wrong information to consent to testing. Your lawyer might be able to prove this in court.

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