What You Need to Know About Car Crash Laws


Car crash laws in Louisiana are legal rules that determine liability in a traffic collision. A car accident can cause the loss of lives and property. The liable party will pay compensation. The amount to be paid will be determined by a court of law or through a negotiation process,usually conducted by get help with a car accident claim .

Principle of Negligence

Car crash laws in Louisiana have a principle of negligence just as is the case with personal injury laws. There must be proof that a party acted negligently for there to be compensation.

Vary by State

Car accident laws vary by state. The state legislature develops them. This legislature can amend them at any time. Car crash laws in Louisiana are not the same as car crash laws of New York.


The existence of duty is a basic element of car crash laws in Louisiana. It is the duty of every driver to drive carefully. Carelessness is a leading cause of accidents.

Distracted driving must not happen. You should never use your phone when driving. Even a one-second distraction can cause an accident.

Breach of Duty

Breach of duty will be the main charge against the accused. There has to be evidence of breach of duty. Evidence can come from eyewitness testimony,admission of fault,traffic surveillance video and direct evidence. There can also be circumstantial evidence such as blood alcohol readings,paint smudges,and skid marks.


According to car crash laws in Louisiana,an accused person is innocent until proven guilty. It will be the duty of the prosecutor and the lawyers of the accused to prove guilt.

Prove Harm

The plaintiff must prove harm. There can be no suit unless there was harm to a person or property. The harm must be material. The law does not deal with trivialities.

The Bottom Line

A victim of a car crash requires legal assistance. A competent and highly experienced car accident lawyer will offer much needed help.

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